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Audrey Martin God Bless Our Wonderful President!!! We hired the right man for the job and he has exceeded our expectations!!! Let Grace Millane Death :Grace Millane Obituary remember that we have power to vote some of those evil politicians out of office!!! Our President has stood with and for us, we need to do the same for him!!! We you Mr President, you are in our prayers often 24/7!!!

Lee Harrison Making America great again and keeping it that way is actually substance worth standing on ! I'm so grateful for actually witnessing and experiencing true American pride based upon a healthy premise established by what actually is intellectually honest and openly sound ! Keep up the good work President Elect Trump!

Jan Le Tim Scott is a true, honest American who uses his office to help our poorest citizens. He is providing job training and jobs in the locations that need it the most. Adrian Lopez Death :Adrian Lopez Obituary, Illinoise is providing hope to many citizens!

James Bradley And rightfully so. Philip Haney Death hilip Haney Obituary, HS whistleblower Passed Away. is commited to All Americans. He will give rise to everyone who wants to get ahead. Comedian Steve Whalen Death :Steve Whalen Obituary,  wasn't built in a day, but time will show the difference in acting like a president (as past politicans have done) and being a president.

Carole Lea Martin Hengle If anyone that watched the Horrendous Democratic Debate, that was mostly embarrassing to America, still agrees with their views and agenda has something wrong with them. ? It is so sad.

Shirley Anne Schasse
Shirley Anne Schasse I love Tim Scott. He is truly an honorable public servant and shows what integrity looks like. A humble man using his influence for the benefit of America.

Marlene Dier I think this is true. Country singer Lindsey Lagestee Death - Lindsey Lagestee Obituary are finally seeing that the "dimwits" have done nothing but USE them for their votes. Look at the DISTRICT of Elijah Cummings and others, the "leaders" got wealthy but ..........the communities got NOTHING. LOOK at Baltimore...........LOOK at Chicago ..........Vote for character NOT skin color. Tim Scott seems to be a level-headed thinker. Wishing Alex North Death :Alex North Obituary, Photographer Passed Away. .

Chris Huston Isn’t disagreeing with this statement “racist”? Thats what I thought... So much for “tolerance” by Liberals. Not only can they not practice what they preach, but they now judge character based upon the color of another person’s skin. Talk about coming Nick Cuti Death - Nick Cuti Obituary , only to get stuck in reverse!

Claire NoŽl D'Elia These Democrats continue to to blatantly lie to the American people :
“House Majority Whip James Clyburn, D-S.C., told Cavuto on Tuesday.…See More

Dorothy Dorrance Stallberg Common sense, shows us Trump is getting our Country strong and loves American's. Democrats want freebies and have the government think for them. Not everyone can get free College, or free medical. The rich are not going to pay, the middle class and poor are.
Get real, ask anyone of the Candidates if they will forfeit thier houses and money today to pay for current people.

Brenda Markiewicz-Cullinan We are all Americans. We all see what he has done. It is factual and the mans work ethic to make these things happen amongst the lazy defiant Democratic Party is phenomenally amazing. This movement can join us instead to keeping us apart. Go America unite! Go Trump ??2020

Shanish Ujoodha The corruption is the judge who was personally appointed by Obama and the prosecutors involved in Roger's Stone trials are all left nominees!. The Clintons & Obama were left unpunished in spite of all of their scandals, Benghazi, emails, uranium sold to Russia, and not to forget the Billions of corruption scandals involving Iran nuclear deal, 150 Billion was paid in CASH to Iran by the Obama administration! This corruption plain and simple!

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